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Online trade will make you rich

Make Money Dropshipping.

A traditional ecommerce store requires you to hire employees, store products, maintain inventories, and more.

It’s apparent just how expensive and tedious the entire process could be.

But with dropshipping you can sell your desired product(s) online, minus the hassle that comes with offering traditional order fulfillment services.

There’s no need to hire folks, and you don’t need any investment either.

Quite simply, here’s how a typical dropshipping business model works:

  • You create a website on the internet and upload pictures of your products with their prices.
  • The customer buys the product and pays you online. You keep a margin for yourself and forward the order to the manufacturer/supplier you’ve partnered with.
  • The manufacturer/supplier delivers the product to the customer to complete the order.


As is discernible from the above infographic, dropshipping requires you to act like a mediator between the consumer and the supplier.

Dropshipping is very easy to start, sustain, and yield significant profits.

There are multiple benefits of dropshipping, including:

  • There is no substantial investment at the start (no need to rent or hire)
  • You don’t need to pay for a warehouse (since the manufacturer stores the product)
  • You don’t have to deliver the product, and hence you don’t incur transport expenses
  • Direct contact with customers help you build your brand image

There are plenty of dropshipping success stories out there to look for inspiration.

Let’s take an example Msoko.You can use Kenya’s top platform like Msoko to connect with the suppliers that align best with your business goals.

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